Clay modeling 

If you want to model your own pottery from the beginning, it is also possible in our Café. You can model yourself anything you want or as described in our fully equipped ceramic corner. We use cream potter´s clay made by ceramic pottery center in Prague 9. After modelling it is necessary to leave the clay properly dry for about two to four weeks depending on the size of the product. After this time the product is baked in the oven and then you can either take it home or paint it with Mayco glazes and prepare the pottery for the second (final) firing, which takes about two weeks since the paint.

Working with ceramics is crafts and must be realized that the clay is a creature that breathes itself, and so time must be left to stale. It is also a being that is headstrong and higher mortality must be expected during drying, biscuit and final firing.

  • The stay in the ceramic corner is only limited with opening hours.

  • The club is open anytime during the opening hours, but you do not have to wait until the place is free. Booking the place is recommended.

  • The ceramic corner must be cleaned after your visit.

  • The price for modeling is 180 CZK per kilo of clay including firing.

  • For capacity reasons, all products will be kept maximally for six months since the firing.