Before visiting us

We are a creative center where you go to enjoy an unusual evening with your friends, girlfriends to chat over a glass of wine and painting. Parents come to us as well to have a break from their kids, couples to disrupt the stereotype, children to develop their creativity and companies to strenghten their team in a form of teambuilding and to relax. We even often organize a bachelor party lately. We're just a place where everyone will find his or her spot.

That you cannot paint? Ceramics say nothing to you? Do not worry and feel free to come and visit us. We guarantee that you will enjoy being creative. We will help you to get over uncertainty and assist you fully.

When you walk into the Café MALUJ, you will see dozens of species of ceramic bisque, from which you can select the right one for your creation. We offer different kinds of plates, cups, bowls and vases, as well as churns and other tableware and decorations. For each product is already its price listed including the bisque, glaze, firing the product and the time spent in our Café. All the prices start from 215 CZK per product. Most products are in the amounts ranging from 300 to 400 CZK. See the pricelist.

You will find inspiration everywhere around you in our Café for your own creations. We have different templates, stamps for simple, but beautiful art. So everybody can create something nice. There is always a lecturer present happy to give you advice if needed. Once the product is finished, we will take it from you and take care of the final cover glaze and firing in the kiln. The finished product will be ready for you to pick it up within one to two weeks.

If you would like to get some refreshment during your creation, we offer non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages. We also have a delicious gingerbread to accompany your tea or coffee. If you would like to have some wine, for example, feel free to bring it with you.

If you are not really interested in pottery painting, please see our courses, such as the potter's wheel and other various creative activities.

For children, we have established our children's program called Kroužky a Proužky, which offer morning courses, workshops and kids camps.

Gift vouchers are available and can be applied to painting on ceramics or any other course or workshop from our offer. It also applies to all activities in the kids program Kroužky a Proužky, for example, camps.

We newly offer a custom-made painting on ceramics on demand.


Café Maluj