Birthday Parties

  • In Café Maluj
    We can arrange birthday parties during opening hours or outside opening hours if arrange in advance. We have one big separated room for parties, courses and teambuildings. This room can comfortably accomodate a group of up to 30 people. We can arrange an animation program or any activity offered by Maluj. You can bring in any kind of your own consumables. Soft drinks are also availabe for sale on site. The most popular activities for children parties is pottery painting. The price is from 215 CZK per piece. For painting we have small animal figurines, cups, mugs, plates… Most things cost around 300 - 400 CZK. 

  • There is a minimum spending threshold of 2500 CZK/three hours and we ask for 1000 CZK as a booking confirmation deposit that will be credited against the minimum spending after the party. Party cancellation is only possible up to 7 days prior booking date. Minimum spending threshold for companies is 3 500 CZK. 
    The deposit can be transfered to our bank account number: FIO - 2101073507/2010, the variable symbol will be the date of the celebrations in the format DDMMYY. Please indicate your name into a comment.

    We can provide (Excluded from the minimal spending threshold):

    An lecturer - 1 000 CZK/ 2 hours, 1200 CZK/ 3 hours. Private lecturer only for your group.  One lecturer can attend up to 12 kids. During party, we offer our popular backstage tour of our workshop space. Let's see how kiln, potter´s wheel look like and we will explain you the whole process that ceramic products have to go through before you can take them home ready. And if time permits lecturer will play games with kids.

    Face painting - 1200 CZK / for two hours of face painting, each additional hour for 500 CZK. Professional paint colors that are hypoallergenic and can be easily washed off from the face. From 5-8 children can be painted within an hour depending on the themes of the pictures. It is also possible to arrange only one hour of face painting.

    A photographer - 2000 CZK / two hours of photographing and photos provided on CD 

    A birthdayday cake - We recommend our colleague and handy confectioner Denča. You can order cakes directly via her e-mail address:

    These activities are excluded from the minimal spending threshold.

    How does such a party look like?

    Each party is unique and always different, but here is what you can expect from a party in a nutshell. Parties take place at our Café Maluj, the room is entirely reserved for you including a lecturer to assist you. We will decorate the venue with balloons and all the equipment needed to paint pottery. Please bring your party dishes for your food.

    On the day of the party you will come to our Café before your guests arrive. How much earlier to arrive? It depends on you. It is mostly half an hour to prepare snacks and so that we could together tune the last details before the celebration. You can also bring more decorations and enrich the venue with a theme of the honoree. Furthermore, we will pre-select different types of ceramics to paint for your guests according to your budget. The most commonly chosen ceramics are tiles (price 225 CZK), animal figures (CZK 215), plates (from 235 CZK), bowls (from 295 CZK) and cups (300 CZK).

    After the arrival of guests and welcoming them, we usually begin with painting ceramics. However, the program is up to you. Our lecturer will explain you the techniques of painting and give you advice during your painting. We offer cold drinks and also hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

    The ceramics that you will paint during a celebration will be ready for a pick-up within one or two weeks.

    We can arrange pottery painting at your venue. We will bring everything that is necessarily for pottery painting to your party. An experienced english speaking lecturer is avalaible for 1000 CZK/2 hours. Pottery pricing is the same as in Café Maluj 

    For more information please feel free to contact us at