Here at Café Maluj creative center on Korunní we give you an opportunity to become a creative pottery painter in a few minutes. With us you can paint your own mug, plate, bowl and many other dishes and decorations for your home or loved ones.

We offer number of courses such as pottery wheels or mosaics building and irregular workshops such as decoupage, special pottery painting techniques, glass work, etc. 
You can organize an unforgettable birthday party for adults and children, company events or an unconventional bachelor party.
We will be happy to issue gift vouchers for any value at any time in our opening hours.

Motivate us! We love to hear from you! Please, leave a comment what was great at our place. We will make sure we keep on doing great things. No other comments bellongs here, but for all the other stuff you can contact as at


The new place

regular guest 01/04/2017
I have been a regular customer of the café, and I really like the place and the stuff is always nice and helpful. Unfortunately, with the new place, I don't enjoy it so much any more. With children parties, it's a bit noisy and busy, and with the closing hour moved to 9pm... it's not so adult-relaxing friendly any more. Plus, the lights there are a bit unpleasant - with so many bulbs and multiple shadows... And the idea of making it a regular café... To be quite honest, seeing people with laptops, or discussing business, will completely change the atmosphere of the place. :-( But perhaps it's just me.


Robert Crystal 08/01/2016
I have never been inside in the workshop but I live nearby. I always have to stop there and I always feel like ... Warmth. Lots of happy kids smiling through. I'd love to be the part of something like this.

Thank you for the daily inspiration!
When people gonna realise real values in life?

Pottery Painting

Ewa Halina Pati with Driver from Hamburg 15/11/2015
Wir haben einen tollen Vormittag dort verbracht
und eine wirklich schöne Erfahrung mitgenommen.
Absolut empfehlenswert!!

5-star experience

Brian + Lucy 13/10/2014
I have gone a couple of times to Maluj with my wife.. We really like doing this sorta stuff so we find it extremely relaxing . And indeed its a great idea to make something for someone else... With a huge selection of ceramic bisques, great service and convenient location near Namesti Miru we can recommend Maluj to everyone! B&L

Bday party

Thomas 18/04/2014
The birthday party for our son turned out so much of fun - and not just for the kids - the parents equally liked making their own pottery. I definitely would recommend this place to anybody


We are looking forward to your visit.
Mornings are dedicated to crafts ( pottery painting, pottery wheel course). For afternoon we have joined with our great partners such as Monkey´s gym, Juklik (swimming courses), Koala Cafe and others to prepare special time WITH OR FOR your kids.  
We love mosaic as much as we love pottery. Join our mosaic workshops. Book online (booking form under CONTACT)
Glass etching with stencils we have or you create by yourself.